About us


We are one family

FERMAT began in 1990 and was founded by Jiří Ferenc and Mr. Matys, whose last names were used to form the company name. From the outset, FERMAT has benefited from the solid professional ethics of family and friends to guide its excellence. Through strong growth and strategic acquisitions in the Czech Republic and the United States, FERMAT has become the leading manufacturer of the most powerful and accurate horizontal boring and milling machines and cylindrical grinding machines, providing machine tools for all major markets worldwide.

Today, FERMAT has more than 470 employees on three continents, producing more than 100 machines a year. FERMAT's main production and assembly facilities are in Brno, the second largest city of Czechia and Lipnik nad Becvou, to the north-east. As FERMAT continues to expand its machine tool range, this capital expansion will continue.


We use cutting edge technologies in all our machines

and always strive to create new ones integrating our modular concept of manufacturing and machine tool expertise. An example is our new 5-Axis Multitask Gantry Center.

Our new machine has fixed floor plates (plus a detachable rotary table) and movable columns supporting the frame and superstructure for 5-axis milling, turning, drilling, grinding, and laser hardening, all in one. There’s no need to reset the workpiece or intervene manually between stages.

Utilizing an automatic milling head with a built-in laser hardening tool, and a separate grinding head, our multitask gantry center glides smoothly from one task to another. The heads are changed automatically at the pick-up station, and the cutting tools (140 in total) are carried with the column, so they’re always on-hand for the KUKA robot to change quickly as the program dictates.