How It Works?

Only 3 steps in the process

1. Create an Account

Please complete our registration form HERE. It is a very simple process that will take no more than 1 minute of your time. After our validation you will get a confirmation email from us and you will be ready to start your bidding experience. Before you get going, familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions which can be found in the Terms and Conditions section.


2. Start Bidding

Search your machine by browsing through our categories or take a look at our trending section to see the most popular machines by our bidding comunity. During our live auctions you can participate in bidding process or, if you really like the machine and you don´t want a risk to be outbidded in the last moment, you can take advantage of our buy now option and acquire the machine immediately by stopping the bidding process. For auctions that are not yet started, you can make us an offer and you will be contacted by your assigned sales representative to discuss your offer. Good luck!


3. Enjoy your machine!

Congratulation, you are the chosen one! However, we understand that the process of delivering the machine can be stressful. Our experienced colleagues are there to assist you with the entire process. Our services include professional dismantling, proper loading, transporting the machine to your destination and administrative paperwork, if needed or help you with professional installation to complete your ultimate delivery experience.